• Journal of Research in Economics and Finance Management

    The Journal of Research in Economics and Finance Management is an interdisciplinary open access double-blind peer-reviewed Bi-Annual research journal published by the Contemporary Science Research Publisher that publishes significant contributory research in Economics, Finance, and Accounting. Journal of Research in Economics and Finance Management publishes two issues per year. Journal Economics and Finance publishes original research articles related to Economics, Finance, and Accounting. By providing easy access to insights into Economics, Finance, and Accounting, JREFM aims to extend and supplement the knowledge of the scholarly world.

  • Journal for Business Education and Management

    The Journal for Business Education and Management (JBEM) is a distinguished bi-annual research publication with a profound purpose: to identify, nurture, and explore intellectual human capital in Education & Business Management, Social Sciences, and humanities. Published by Contemporary Science Research Publisher, JBEM offers a comprehensive platform for academic and professional researchers, students, and scholars to share their valuable contributions with a global readership. Beyond publication, JBEM is committed to cultivating essential skills in training, research, leadership, and knowledge management. We foster a vibrant knowledge-sharing community through seminars, workshops, and conferences. JBEM operates as a double-blind peer-reviewed journal, upholding the highest ethical standards, ensuring impartial evaluations, and promoting transparent reporting. With a dedication to open access and global dissemination of knowledge, JBEM is a beacon of academic excellence and a platform for intellectual growth. Join us in advancing knowledge and making a lasting impact on the academic world.

  • Journal of Research in Social Development and Sustainability

    Journal of Research in Social Development and Sustainability is a Bi-Annual research-based journal published By Contemporary Science Research Publisher. The Journal of Research in Social Development and Sustainability (JRSDS) aims to publish high-quality research papers, reviews, and case studies that address issues related to sustainable social development. The journal's scope encompasses a wide range of interdisciplinary topics that contribute to sustainable development, including politics, sociology, and psychology, it also encompasses several areas related to economics, finance, and management. but not limited to:

    1. Social policies and social development
    2. Sustainable development goals (SDGs) and social development
    3. Community development and social sustainability
    4. Social entrepreneurship and sustainable development
    5. Social justice and sustainable development
    6. Social work and sustainable development
    7. Education and sustainable social development
    8. Gender and sustainable social development
    9. Health and sustainable social development
    10. Human rights and sustainable development
    11. Indigenous knowledge and sustainable social development
    12. Climate change and social sustainability
    13. Sustainable agriculture and rural development
    14. Urbanization and sustainable development
    15. International development and sustainable social development